Name: Creative Copy
Price: 10.00 USD

Worked really hard on a cool build in Creative but wish you could move into it with all your pets?

This perk allows you to move one small (creative1 or creative2) plot into the Survival world in a location of your choice. This can be a build from 0 to 256, anything in the plot. 

Any build is subject to staff approval and will not include anything abusable in Survival. This includes:

  • Spawners
  • Chests/containers
  • Ores, blocks of ores
  • Weapons, armor or other items
  • Anything else staff considers to be high value and not part of the build
  • Any plot that is clearly just for resources (ie. an entire chunk of crying obsidian is clearly not a build, but designed to be minded out in survival for resources)