Name: Pride Cosmetics 2021
Price: 4.00 USD

Did you miss out on Pride? Do you just want more cool pride-themed wearables? 

This perk will allow you to /redeem 3 random pride-themed cosmetic items! This requires you to be using the server resource pack. Can be redeemed on any TLB server.

**50% of any sales of this cosmetic pack will be donated to the Trevor Project, regardless of when purchases are made (year-round)**

There are 30 potential cosmetic items, including:

  • Pride flags
  • Pride flag colored bandanas
  • Pride-themed popsicles (which double as a unicorn horn while worn)
  • Cat head phones
  • Top hat
  • Straw Villager hat
  • Hamster plushie
  • Sunglasses
  • Unicorn plushie
  • Seal plushie