Name: Custom Cosmetic Item
Price: 25.00 USD

Do you want an upside-down ice cream cone to wear on your head? How about a guitar to play some sick tunes? Well, you can!

This single-use perk allows you to design your very own custom item, to be added to the game (resource pack required)! You will get 2 copies of the item on each server, which are up to you how you want to use them. 

Some restrictions apply:

  • Custom armor is not possible at this time
  • Items must not be inappropriate
  • While there are no real limits to what you can design, items can't be too detailed to avoid lagging others.
  • The best items are designed to sit on your head, shoulders, or in your hand
  • Items can be functional (ie. placeable blocks for furniture, edible, and have some minor effects) but can't be more OP than regular items in-game. 
  • It's up to staff's discretion what is and is not allowed, at the end of the day